"I was first introduced to kendama a couple years ago by my friend and fellow musician SQUNTO who would bring his kendama everywhere to pass the time; backstage, in the car, at the airport etc. I finally got one myself as a Christmas gift last year and now I’m hooked! Also gotta give a shout out to Reed Stark for hooking it up backstage at Snowta 2018 with my own custom kendama and one of his signature models.

I really love how kendama improves my balance and all-around awareness. It almost makes you look at things in slow motion. I also feel like it’s made me a more determined person. I can’t walk away from my kendama until I lace that *one* trick."

- Boogie T



  • Maple Signature  Ken
    • BOOST Shape
    • Unique engravings
      • Unique QR Code on the Small Cup
      • Boogie T Signature opposite Sweets logo on the base
  • Oversized Tama
    • Sticky Clear
  • Metal Spinner Bead
  • Extra String
  • Boogie T Stickers



The Decade Mod was the first Sweets Kendama to introduce a new shape in years. The extreme playability of this new design meant it had to be brought over into other products we offer. With some tweaks we are proud to offer the BOOST to the world. The BOOST is pretty much a PRIME on steroids.  The cups are slightly bigger, stalls more pronounced, and there is a balance bevel in the bottom cup to make lunars slap with ease. Unlike the original Decade shape, Safari BOOST kens are not made with laminated layers of wood but a solid piece of beech.

BOOST tamas are also slightly larger to help improve play and match the bigger cups.

:QR Code:

Featured on the small cup of the Boogie T Mod, it helps with tracking and is also the key to access content.

Use the camera on your phone to scan directly to Boogie T’s page on our site. Special offers, coupons, videos, etc may be released in the future with this code as your key to the content. 

This code is incredibly useful when showing someone kendama for the first time; all they have to do is open their camera to learn more and take that info with them!


Boogie T is showing the world kendama on his travels and through his music, a portion of each Signature Mod sold goes directly to Boogie T.

Follow Boogie T’s adventures: @MrBoogieT

Boogie Trio Mod


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