*You can not request something specific for your Mystery Kendama! That takes away the fun of the Mystery!*
If you order more than one Mystery we cannot guarantee that they will be different products.


These are A-GRADE Boost Kendamas! NO paint blemishes, or any other manufacturing errors in these kendamas! You are getting a 100% TOP QUALITY Sweets Product!

These may come in full retail packaging or will be boxed in our all black Mystery Kendama boxes. 

For only $40 you are getting a random tama laced on a BOOST shaped Ken!

It could be something you've never even seen or heard of before.


Most BOOST Mystery Kendamas will be painted in the Sweets Lab, and may be current, past, or unreleased paint styles.

Mystery Kendamas are a surprise, and can not be refunded or exchanged.



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