The Cyclops Army meets the dama gang heavy with this collaboration. 
We are very excited to introduce the Sweets x Subtronics Signature Model!

This kendama has been in the works for a while so that we could work with Subtronics to bring his vision to life!

Remixing some epic cyclops designs with kendama playability in mind makes this kendama look good and play great!


  • Maple Subtronics Ken
    • BOOST Shape
    • Custom engravings
      • Pattern on Sarado and Ken
      • Subtronics Logo on base
      • Cyclops engraving in Big Cup
      • Cyclops Army on Bird Stall
  • Beech BOOST Tama
    • Cushion Clear
    • Eyeball design on top 50%
    • Cyclops design in yellow ring under half split
    • White tracking with Subtronics logo around bevel
  • Metal Spinner Bead
  • Green SixFinger String
  • Subtronics Sticker Pack


The BOOST shape is the best playing kendama Sweets has ever released, with its larger cups more defined stalls and Balance Bevel it is made to slap tricks.
The BOOST is designed to make learning tricks easier for beginners and lacing bangers better for pros.

Subtronics - Signature Model - BOOST

PriceFrom C$51.99